Thursday, 8 December 2016

CIMA and CIPFA Offer New CGMA Accountants Body Entry Route

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Institute of Public Finance and Chartered Accounting (CIPFA) Indicate the Launch of its new "CPFA has CGMA Recharge through the CIPFA Gateway." Path of Access this Fast Track allows a CIPFA Qualified Members to increase its qualification to obtain and the full and the adhesion CIMA DESIGNATION recognized a Global Level of Global Collegiate Accounting Management (CGMA). The new highway is open to Members and the UK International Both CIPFA.

CIPFA can benefit from Members up to 14 Exceptions with the new CIMA Gateway. After Passing the Gateway exam (also known as Case Study Management Review) Can Pass the Strategic Case Study Review, Passing Passes Through Strategic Three-Level Testing Tests. : In addition, if they will be made-Have Access to a Broad Range of Students and Study the Benefits of a Community-Based Via Online Now Student CIMA, CIMAconnect.

Andrew Harding, Executive President of the CIMA, SAID. "CIMA is very enthusiastic about La Creciente's cooperation with CIPFA This is a significant step for years to strengthen our association with one of the most respected professional bodies in the public sector Our DESIGNATION CGMA is recognized The World As All Accountants of DESIGNATION: We are pleased to share our experience and knowledge and for the Members to win CIPFA Our rating a world-renowned level.

Rob Whiteman, Executive Director for CIPFA, said: "This offer provides a milestone CIPFA Membership A Fantastic Opportunity to Build Adding Accounting Management Skills.

"With the reconfiguration of Public Utilities, Our Members are Working Ever More Through Public Environments and Organizations require specialized Skills there are Multiple Sectors if they place. The new road is compromised has to give all has today wave, Increasing Capacity and Value Of ESE Maximize Mode for Employers also to state that the staff is intended to expand their continuing professional development. "

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